After 1001

I once thought, that as I grew up, the world would fall into place, like building blocks on top of each other. Like simple, minimalist structures that stack to create a cohesive world. Living with dyslexia, ADD, and CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) I constantly feel overstimulated. The art of photography has become a tool for coping with the world. 

After 1001 was shot shortly after finishing my undergrad while I was in Japan, and right before I moved back to my hometown. In order to make sense of the over-stimulating situation in Osaka and Tokyo, I used the camera to regain control, the soft colours and simplicity of the photographs helped calm my nerves. 

Living with invisible disabilities is tough. I struggle with verbalizing my needs and understanding them, which creates a vast distance between other people and myself. Creating my own world helps ease the loneliness that I experience. When I am behind the camera nothing else exists.

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