When I was young, I studied how the world operated, curious about how to fit in. Focusing on my own interests allowed me to connect with something more significant, not worrying about those who refused to take the time to understand me. Being neurodiverse, my dexterity has always been limited, so I turned to photography and digital editing software, which allowed me to create fictitious places to step into while improving my fine motor skills.

I feel tender for the world around me, often perceived as naïve or immature. Over the years, I've come to learn more about sensitivity and softness; I've openly cried in front of people because talking through my feelings is incredibly important, which frequently leads to tears. The response is often discomfort, which I didn't understand until a therapist explained that when we cry, people dislike what it brings up within themselves, so they try to fix the situation.

It's hard to hold onto softness and affection for a society that doesn't reciprocate those feelings. By building worlds through my imagery, I create a place or moment one can step into. Focusing on the quality of light, I hold space for the parts of myself that I hid, the sides that were too big for those around me.

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